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Beauty and the Beast

I was invited to share the Beauty and the Beast Seminar to a group of women in Cabo, San Lucas Mexico.  It was an amazing time together with these women sharing how they can  view themself from God’s perspective, what it means to be beautiful on the inside and what the characteristics of inner beauty are.  We talked about the labels that we wear; the fancy labels on the outside of our clothes that try to impress, or make us feel important.   But then we talked about the labels that we wear on the inside. You know, the ones that we tell our self or that others have said to us.  You are not smart enough, you are fat, you don't fit in ....even though we know they are not true we do not counter these thoughts that tear us down or keep us from fulfilling our full potential.  We talked about how to regain truth in these areas and how to believe the best and cast off negative thoughts and actions.  Many women after the seminar said that when they look in the mirror and feel depressed or discouraged they would remember what they learned and “remember”to think on what is really true and change their perspective so they could have more happiness in their life.  Another precious sister felt that God had been drawing her to change and this message showed her how having this view from God’s perspective about herself could help her be more authentic in being free to express to others who she really is.  The next day this sister gave her heart to the LORD!
These women have so much love to give and share with each other, my continued prayer is that they will walk in the truth of who God made them to be and what He wants them to do for the glory of God in their home, work, and community.  To God be the Glory!