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Put Your Kitchen On A Diet

So you just made a commitment to eat healthier.  Good for you!  How do you position yourself  for success?  One of the first things to do is to walk in your kitchen and ask yourself, "have I "cleansed" my kitchen so that I will not be tempted with all that it has to offer?"  Look in your pantry, some things to look for ...chips, cookies, white flour, white sugar, white flour crackers, candy, chocolate chips (wait, those may be ok in moderation 6 morsels a day) but if you cannot refrain yourself to 6 morsels then yes these too must go!
Eat the best .....leave the rest!
So what do you replace these habit foods with?  Great question!
Choose anything that is living, low-fat, whole grain.  Whenever you have your day off schedule some time to make a snack tray filled with an array of colorful treats for the week- celery, cherry tomatoes, (carrots), snow peas, low-fat cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, snack size nut selection (here is where you can add your 6 chocolate morsels).  For convenience you can purchase individual size of hummus or purchase small containers and make your own hummus.  The key is to once a week create your snack tray so you can grab and go when you may not be in the mood to prepare a snack for your self.  Usually after a hard days work this is when we arrive home that our most tempting time is to grab something ...just before you make dinner to take the edge off.  At least this is the case for me.  Also, drinking a full glass of water with slices of cucumber or fresh cut lemon is also a great way to curb the hunger pangs while you make dinner.
You get the idea.  Now go and put your kitchen on a diet - or just make a healthy kitchen where you create choices for yourself that will fuel your body.  Remember we are eating to live - not living to eat - here's to better health!