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Restore Honor

Honor what does that mean to you?  When I think of honor the first word that comes to my mind is respect.  I respect those that walk with moral character, integrity, do what they say, strong principles.  These are the people that I can trust.  Faith, hope and love.
 What does it mean to do the right thing?
 This depends on your “source” of rightness.  There is a verse that talks about everyone doing what is right in their own eyes.  Where is the standard here?  “right” assumes that you have a conscience.  …the ability to discern between good and evil, right and wrong.  I go to the Bible to get my direction on the rightness of issues.  Is it right to kill?  No, but America kills her babies everyday.  Is it right to spend money that you do not have?  …or should I say money that does not belong to you without asking?  No, but America in this day and age is spending our children’s by increasing debt and not being responsible with spending.  It is frustrating to have worked so hard to get out of debt only to have my country put me in debt because of their over indulgences in spending.  God help us to get a grip in America to be responsible and to do the “right” thing.  To live within our means.  Do we even know how to do this anymore?
Taking personal responsibility is the first step.  Get out of debt.  Ask God to give you the grace and discipline to do this.  Pray about what is needful, move from discerning the difference between I want and what we really need.  How can we be a blessing to others?  If you live within your means God always gives you enough to be a blessing in others lives – many are out of work, do you have some that you can share?  God’s people can make a difference in the lives of others so that people do not look to the government for help but the people of God.  This should not be a novel concept but I’m afraid that it has become one.  The book of Acts demonstrates this in the early assemblies.  My husband has a saying that I have grown to love, “Little is a lot, when it is enough”.  What is enough?  We would do well to evaluate that for our families.  With sky rocketing expenses we are re-evaluating our food budget and adjust our meal planning because our income has not increased but our expenses have, and food is just one area of inflation.  I talked with my husband this morning and we are going to cut out cable.  I suggested that we “fast” TV and pray for our nation instead.   Our nation is calling for people to make individual changes – that if we become the Church we will be able to weather this storm together in America.  It is time!  We need to unite if we want to preserve our Godly heritage.  It is not going to just come to our doorsteps we will have to fight for it.  We are in a battle – stand for truth and liberty that is only found in the God of the Bible.