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Quit smoking

I know this is easier said than done for most people.  The decision to quit is a step to take back control that you have given over to smoke and spend money that literally “goes up in smoke”.  This decision will help in two important areas ….your health and your finances.  Take the money you would have spent on cigarettes and put in a savings account to go on a vacation where you can breathe in the sea air or the good mountain air, plan a hike – you’ll be able to do it because you will be able to breathe again!  My husband smoked for years (I actually did not know that he smoked when we married as he kept it hidden from me) but when I found out I prayed for him every night when he went to sleep that God would remove this spirit of addiction from his life.  I did not say anything to him about it, but was very concerned for his health.  One day he had a very bad case of bronchitis where he was laying on the floor coughing and I said to him that if he did not quite smoking this is probably how he would die, not able to breathe.  Amazingly he made the decision that day to stop smoking.  He was delivered from this addiction over night, so I want to encourage everyone who is making this decision that it is possible and it is important to pray.  Ask God to help you kick this habit that is killing you with every breath, choose life.   ….enjoy all the benefits.  I am going to ask my husband to share a few words with you for your encouragement. 
As my wife has stated, you can never take for granted the power of prayer.  I started smoking at the age 13 because my mother and father were smokers, we lived in a part of the US where raising tobacco was a prominent industry and where smoking was the norm.  Everybody that I knew smoked at an early age; I too became hooked and did not realize the health hazards of smoking at this young age.  I continued to smoke until my early 50s and then quit smoking.  As a result of smoking for so many years I have some signs of emphysema in my left lung and scarring tissue in my right lung.  If it were not for the prayers of my wife for God to deliver me from it I would dare say that I would most likely still be smoking and have full blown emphysema.  Once I made the decision to quit, it was instant and I could not be around cigarettes anymore.  I am grateful it was a complete deliverance. Even to this day I cannot even be around it.  Today my breathing is better, I am able to enjoy the taste of food, financially I have saved a lot of money that I did spend on cigarettes and even though I have the scars from this terrible habit I am now enjoying a quality of life that I would not have had.  Even if it is not instant for you I encourage everyone to ask God to help them to break this or any other habit that is not promoting a healthy and quality lifestyle and trust that He will help you do this.