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Free to Soar

What does freedom mean to me?  Let me begin by saying that freedom does not mean not having restraint.  I believe true freedom comes when there is a clear understanding of what governs our thinking and our actions.  So with that groundwork set let me say what freedom is for me.  Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death.  That is the richest freedom that I own right now.  If everything was taken away from me I would still have liberty and freedom in my heart through the saving grace of my Lord.  Freedom is loving the person that I am today, while I am not happy with all of my experiences from my past they are still part of me and my story.  Learning to accept these experiences and embrace the lessons of them gives me clarity for my future decisions.  How I live, how I love, how I embrace others.  Freedom means being myself even though that is sometimes a hard thing to do especially in a world that wants you to conform to its image.  Even when others exclude you when you do not conform to what they think you should be.  I choose to embrace who I am in Christ.  To be what He has called me to be.  I love how He speaks to my heart, and reminds me that He saved me for a purpose; His purpose.  Soaring for me is resting in His finished work.