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I have to admit that over the past ten years I have focused my time and energy on ministry and developing solutions for life and business.  During this time – or may I say at the end of this time I have needed to make some adjustments to this area of life.  Exercise and renewal.  As I have made my  40 minute commitment 4 days a week to workout at home with a custom workout with 5 lbs weights, stretching, targeting key muscle functions, taking walks and riding my bike again I have found renewed energy and my metabolism has kicked in and I have lost some weight.  My goal is to be healthy, strong and I think this goal is as individual as people are.  It is not the “Hollywood” skinny that I am after.  It is a strong body that will carry me through the activities of a busy schedule, a clear head that will allow for good decision making, activity with my grandchildren, unexpected stresses.  I want to be strong my whole life to the very end – and folks this takes work and commitment.  It takes focusing on each area of your life to figure out how in a 24 hour period of time you can make your unique schedule that will allow you to work out and strengthen your life so that you can accomplish all that you want for your health and well being and overall success in other areas of life.   Diet and exercise are 2 keys to a successful outcome.  Find a workout program that works for you.  Get moving – even if it is 30 minutes per day.  Stretch, get your heart rate up, and work out with a friend or spouse.  You will be amazed how much better you feel in 30 days if you are faithful to do this.  Working together as we realize our goals.