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Control your weight

Eat only when you are very hungry, then just until you are no longer hungry.  Drink plenty of fluids, eat fibrous vegetables.  Exercise.  These are all necessary in order to control your weight.  Discipline yourself to make “life” choices.  Change your habits.  Habits are hard to break so go into weight loss and weight control with the idea that it will be hard work.  The reward is this work will have benefits that you will see in a fairly short amount of time if you stick with it.  You did not get weight on overnight and it will not come off overnight, sorry to state the obvious but it just needs to be said as an encouragement in order for  you live out the days ahead for a new healthier stronger you.  Think about all the good living foods that our Creator has given to us to eat.  Think about all the colors and varieties that can decorate your plate.  Make your meals beautiful and appetizing – my grandmother always told me to put many colors together when making vegetables as it will make your table presentation nice.  Go ahead have fun with it while you take off those unwanted pounds and enjoy your cooking creations.