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A Dream and a Plan

I love to dream. Especially about things that leave the world, people and business in a better place. The challenge with dreams and vision is to move it from the thought realm to reality. In order to do this you have to give time to develop a good plan.
What would have happened if God would have created man without giving thought to what was needed to sustain his greatest creation? He needed the previous “days” of creation in order for man to live and be maintained. Vegetation preceded animal life, fishes and birds preceded mammals, and the whole lower order preceded man. Here then the finished product “man” was properly related to the material order. Everywhere in creation marks the design – and the importance of logical order of development. If God had a plan for His overall dream we can learn from the beginning of time that we too have to plan out our dreams.
Set goals. A goal is a dream with a plan that is given a time line to accomplish. Your goals with a plan of action will start you on the road to successfully fulfilling your dreams. Every goal that succeeds in getting accomplished has a thought out plan behind it. Start with the simple step of writing our your dream.
  • Define your dream or vision.
  • What is needed to make it happen?
  • What will happen if it is not done?
  • Who is involved and what will they do?
  • Where will it be done?
  • How will it take place?
  • When will it start and end?
Take a look at the big picture – what will it take to make your dream a reality? Fast forward to the end product and picture it already completed, ….now look back – what do you see that is needed to support a successful delivery of your dream? These are all very simple and standard questions in planning, but how often do we just go down the road of a dream or vision without carefully considering these important steps?
If your planning stage is well thought out it can save your time and money in the long run. It helps to provide definition and boundaries for what it is and what it is not. Good planning will make the execution easier because you have taken into consideration what is needed to sustain the next phase. You are happier, people are happier, and business is better….and your dreams BECOME REALITY.