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Kimberly's Events for 2013
January 11, 2013 Global Women's Ministry Expo 2013
Idea Exchange Hostess
Your decisions shape your life & determine your destiny.
Sharing ideas with women to organize their life through PEARLS 
Presentation at the Global Pastors Conference Dallas, Texas
Movie Night With A Purpose - Magdalena ~ Through Her Eyes a film with 4 week Bible Study for Women.
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May 7, 2013 Preparing Oral Learners Workshop for Leaders
Workshop speaker
May 18, 2013  Women's Tea - Keynote speaker  "What has God put in your hands?"
May 21, 2013   Professional Business Luncheon - Keynote speaker  Topic “If you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter which way you go.”   Keys to getting to your desired destination"
October 1, 2013 as Business Development VP and KOGN Operations Director Kimberly Planned Event for NAPW and Kingdom of God Network at the Bill & Vonette Bright Collaboration Center

Our honored Guest Speakers:
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WayCoolAngels  highly recommends Kimberly Hooper as an amazing conference speaker. Spanning years of extensive business, ministry and beauty knowledge, Kimberly is an endless fountain of valuable information. I have personally attended conferences that Kimberly has led and taught.
​We also brought her in to organize, train and speak for our WayCoolAngels ministry events. Audiences are continually delighted and the women are always begging for more. In fact, since her last trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico to present “Beauty or the Beast” combined with personal skin and hair care consultations, the women have been begging us to bring her back here again. Kimberly has a wealth of knowledge and experience and personally led our ministry on “Developing an Effective Prayer Team”.
​Kimberly has a special way of connecting with the audience that immediately also connects their hearts to the message. She is very effective in helping women grow in their relationship with God, with their spouses, with their children and parents, with their friends, and with each other. When she shares her personal stories, they are heartfelt and touching, and sincerely engage the women.
Through Kimberly’s seminars, we have seen women’s lives transformed in all areas of their lives and businesses. They have become more effective team members and more aware of how God is working in their lives. She shares extensive knowledge of the bible with kindness and warmth, and encourages others to grow in God’s Word. Kimberly is gifted in empowering women to be all that they can be, and all that they can achieve, for the Glory of God! Kimberly is a tremendous asset for any organization looking to further the development of women. We are continually blessed by her presentations, conferences and training sessions.
Karen Faith Heller - Director
Way Cool Angels
Dallas, Texas
Campus Crusade for Christ"You will love Kimberly Hooper! A multi-gifted woman, she has much to offer in many arenas, on many topics. Kimberly is skilled as an organizer, planner, strategist and communicator. I have observed her work in content development and presentation. She is engaging as a speaker, leading her audience to clear understanding and appropriate application. But even more important than her leading and speaking abilities is her character. She is a trustworthy, positive and authentic person, speaking out of the stellar person that she is."
Judy Douglass
Wife of Campus Crusade for Christ President, Steve Douglass
Orlando, Florida
South Orlando Baptist Church"It is easy to get caught up in the everyday task of living that we lose sight of why we live. Kimberly helped our church, especially our women, to develop a personal mission statement. Kimberly's experience and expertise has prepared her to equip others to live a purposeful life."
Pastor Ramel Garcia
​Senior Pastor
Orlando, Florida
PresbyterianChurch at the Lakes Women's Tea  - From Nancy
We all thoroughly enjoyed your message and had a great time.  I loved all of your props, they help to make it easy to remember what point you are making.  I particularly found encouragement in your comment that God takes away everything that doesn't belong in us and that our best reflection is through His eyes.  You helped me to realize that we should never pass up an opportunity to smile or say something encouraging to the people we meet--it might be the one bright moment in that person's day.  Also, that we are all unique, and shouldn't be afraid to share our stories with others who are going through the same difficult situation.  Again, thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon.